Fees and Insurance

My fees are based on the usual rate charged by clinicians with a similar level of training and experience. If you think you cannot afford therapy, please discuss your situation with me. In some cases, I’m able to provide a sliding scale. Should you need a fee that is significantly out of range of my sliding scale, I will provide you with a referral to a local clinician who offers lower-fee services.

I believe that third party intrusion into treatment compromises the quality of mental health care provided. Because of this, I do not participate in any insurance panels. I do provide invoices that can be submitted to your insurance carrier. Many insurance plans will reimburse their clients a percentage of out-of-pocket expenses after a deductible is met. You should check with your insurance provider first to learn more about what your plan covers. You should also consider that a psychiatric diagnosis is required for insurance reimbursement and this becomes part of your permanent record. This could be shared with other insurance companies and in some cases released to your employer if you have a company insurance plan. Seeing an out-of-network provider provides you with privacy, freedom of choice in the therapist you wish to see, and freedom from insurance-related restrictions such as frequency of sessions and length of treatment.