Individual Therapy

I have training in a wide range of theories, but the centerpiece of my approach is the relationship between therapist and client. This relationship is the most important factor in effective psychotherapy, providing a solid foundation for continually unfolding experiences of insight and change. This “secure base” allows me to offer emotional support, alternative perspectives, or simply space for you to be yourself. Throughout the process, I draw on my training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to guide our exploration of your inner life. As needed, I assimilate theories and interventions from other modalities, such as family systems theories as well as trauma-informed and mindfulness-based approaches.

Short-term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In some cases, it’s clear within our first couple of meetings that you’re dealing with a circumscribed problem that can be resolved with a few meetings. Whether you’re struggling to make a difficult decision, deciding whether to move across the country, or making plans for an aging parent, short-term counseling can be immensely helpful. In other cases, the problem is more involved and has been troubling you for some time. Perhaps the problem is bringing up a conflict from your early childhood or resonating with a past trauma or unresolved loss. Maybe you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious for a few months. To explore and resolve these situations, short-term psychotherapy with once or twice weekly meetings for several months may be the treatment of choice.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

It may turn out that your problem goes beyond what can be taken care of with short-term psychotherapy. In this case, you may benefit from more extensive treatment. I provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as psychoanalysis, both of which involve meeting for an extended period of time once, twice, or even more frequently each week. This provides us with the time required for a more in-depth exploration of your emotional life, leading to increased self-understanding and behavioral change.

Although an investment of time and money, these modalities are known for their ability to significantly change longstanding problems. Old conflicts and relationship patterns become evident and accessible. At your own pace, you will be able to explore and eventually resolve the problems that brought you to treatment. With the support of the therapeutic relationship, you will develop the capacities to experience increased peace and emotional well-being in your day-to-day life.